• Demonstrated a commitment to financial responsibility by strategically managing the county budget, resulting in no tax increases for the entire term of office. AA Stable rating, 5 year forecast, monthly cash flow reports.

• Took the lead in facilitating the PERF Study of Police Services, supporting regionalizing resources and emphasizing, inter-municipal cooperation in order to ensure a safer Berks County.

• Assisted in the assumption of sole financial responsibility for BARTA, preserving a vital component of a county-wide transportation infrastructure.

• Maintained an active and committed presence on various Boards (BARTA, Reading Public Museum, BEP, Visitors Bureau, CLGE, DT2020, PCI) to further accentuate public service.

• Internal Boards - MH/MR, CJAB, Parks Board.

• Served as Chair of the Prison Board during a period in which programs were established to reduce recidivism (CRC) and praise was consistently received for the efficiency and effectiveness of the County Jail System. 100% State Compliance, SOG (Special Operations Group) implementation, Housing State Inmates, Kitchen renovations.

• Brought forth a new era of accountability to County government, driving sound business principles throughout the organization.

• Served as a County representative on the City of Reading Act 47 Blue Ribbon Committee and facilitated meetings between City and County officials, understanding that the financial status of the City of Reading has a major impact on the economic health of the County at large.

• Maintained a positive and progressive working relationship with colleagues, free of political interests and influences, in the interest of an efficient and effective organization to serve the taxpayers of Berks County.

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